I am the Jackson County Indiana Deputy Surveyor, since 2013, land surveying since 2005. Also, developing software for WTH Technology, Inc., since 2017.

My Background

Land Surveying

After job shadowing a local surveying business during the 2005 spring semester of high school, I started my surveying career that summer as a helper “mule” on a survey crew for Foresight Land Surveying, Inc, a local business at that time. That fall I attended Vincennes University where I completed the Land Surveying program and earned an A.A.S. Degree the spring of 2007.

What fascinated me about land surveying was the merely the logistics.  I was drawn to the data collection, processing of that data, and the use of this to create a final product as both a tool and a record for years to come.

Software engineering, coding, programming, developer…

My adventure started when I was in the first grade, my aunt Vicky gifted me an Apple IIe and later a Macintosh Classic. At a young age I found the word processors to be useful and games were entertaining.  Later my family would purchase an HP computer with Windows 95 that could use a dial-up connection to access the internet, yet I still only hovered between a new and power user.

Later on in high school I would create programs on a Texas Instruments TI-83+ for fuel mileage statistics and other complex math equations. I was interested in replicating the forms used to record fire department runs into Access so I could find similarities in the data.

Once I was married with a child I started to slow down and study web development and wrote my first “Hello World” program in php on a self configured Linux server in 2012.